Ayurveda and Kaya Chikitsa

The four aims of life are pleasure, worldly success, duty, and spiritual bliss. The vehicle through which we can transcend these Purusharthas, as they are called, is the physical body. The main hindrance impeding this possibility is old age and disease. Sages of lore met in the Himalaya to seek out methods to eliminate these so to deepen the human experience and progress the soul.  Bharadwaja, being the fittest amongst them was chosen to meditate deeply for solutions which came to him in visions. He confided to the group his revelations which were deemed extremely effective, and thus formed the basis of Ayurveda. Later the sage Madhava (later known as Vidyaranya) developed diagnosis, Vagbhata the principles of medicine, Sushruta the practice of surgery and Charaka expounded therapeutics. Even today, 2500 years later, the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita remain unparalleled in their contribution to medicine and can be traced through Egypt, Persia, Arabia, Greece and Europe into modern allopathic medicine as is used throughout the world. Other than classifying the medicinal effects of over 2000 plants, Ayurveda's most notable achievements are the first skin grafting, which led to plastic surgery, the first caesarian section, the first amputation, and cataract operation, as well, Jivaka, Buddha's personal Ayurvedic doctor is said to have successfully practiced cranial surgery.

Ayurveda can simply be understood thus: Originally consciousness manifested its subtle vibrations as Om or Aum- the sound of Nature in harmony with itself.  Maybe this is the sound of the Big Bang resonating; maybe it is unknowable in theoretical terms with today's mind. This vibration first created the element of ether/space (Akasha). As ether (space) began to expand it also moved, which created air (Vayu). The movement of air created friction, and thus heat. Particles of this heat began to interact creating light, and then fire (Agni). This fire began to condensate within ether (space) creating water (Jala) which then solidified into earth (Prithvi). This explains the formation of the first causative substances- molecules composed of the original atoms. It is important to note that the transmutation of these elements, the processes themselves are of equal relevance to the actual elements. OMniscience, OMnipotence, OMnipresence to ether (space) to movement (air), to friction (fire) to condensation (water), and solidification (earth). Ether (space) conducts nuclear energy, air conducts electrical energy, fire-radiant energy, water-chemical energy, and earth-mechanical energy.  All matter in the Universe is composed of these basic building blocks- illustrating the inseparable fusion of energy to matter. We too are based on these elements. Seen simply, Space exists in our mouth, intestine and respiratory tract. Air can be found in the beating of our heart, and the respiration of our lungs, basically any impulses of our nervous system. Fire can be seen in our metabolism and our retinas ability to receive light. Water can be illustrated in our mucous membranes, and in our blood plasma, or cytoplasm. Earth is the structure of our body, bone, and muscle tissue itself. When these elements take form in the human body, they combine to form the Doshas (space + air = vata, fire + water = pitta, water + earth = kapha). Which arrange our DNA creating our physiology. Each element also has a corresponding sense organ, which when over stimulated creates an elemental imbalance, and eventually disease. The other factors creating disease would be karma and unresolved emotions. Imbalance of the Dosha creates disease, and thus the purpose of Ayurveda is to bring us back to balance, and harmony- to rearrange the Dosha in its natural form, as we were made, to our original state.

At Shesha Vedic Sciences, we offer basic lifestyle consultations and traditional treatments to assist this process and set you on track to self-healing. 

General Consultation and Services

For information regarding detoxification, rejuvenation or doshic balance (Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa), please make an appointment for a general consultation.

Consultation-  ¥ 20 000

For information regarding Ahara Chikitsa, Marma Chikitsa, Vihara Chikitsa, Achara Chikitsa, please make an appointment for a general consultation.

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Ayurvedic Lessons:

2) Introduction to Ayurveda and Kaya Chikitsa- ♡✿▲

(20, 1 hour classes = ¥ 250 000, online or in person)

3) Methods of Ayurvedic Diagnosis- ♡✿▲ 

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4) Ayurvedic Treatment- ♡✿▲

(20, 1 hour classes = ¥ 200 000, online or in person)

4a) Ayurvedic Pharmacognosy 1- ♡✿▲

(10, 1 hour classes = ¥ 100 000, online or in person)

4b) Ayurvedic Pharmacognosy 2- ♡✿▲

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