Sadhana, Upasana and Various Consultations

Sadhana is the accomplishment of a specific spiritual discipline which when performed regularly is intended to sublimate one`s squandered energies, fructify unresolved karma, and/or heal the body and mind in such a way as to develop consciousness which can be effectively transmitted through the activities and circumstances of our daily life. At Shesha Vedic Sciences we purvey only traditional Sadhanas, and authentic Kundalini practices. Application is required, and only those deemed ready are accepted. Due to the particularities of our Sadhana practices, prices may vary based on location, timing, etc.  

We also offer instruction in devout meditative practices or Upasana, Vedic Counseling, teach Fourth Way Cosmic theory and methods, as well as provide Yajna consultation and arrangement. 

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▸ 4.  Jnanapadma Sadhana- Traditional practice to cultivate ones ability to see the unseeable, develop intuition and ultimately open the Ajna Chakra.

▸ 4.  Sadhana to harmonise the Chakras- Traditional practice to develop ones subtle centres.

▸ 4.  Gayatri Sadhana Kalpa- Correct Mantric method to harmonise with the pranic energies of the Sun.

▸ 4.  Yogini Sadhana- Beginners, intermediate or advanced Sadhanas to cultivate the divine feminine. 

▸ 4.  Pancha Mahabhuta Sadhana- The purpose of this Sadhana is to purify and bring to equilibrium the elements, or atomic states of nature within the body. These are ether, air, fire, water and earth.

▸ 4.  Mantrasiddha Sadhana Rahasya- This Sadhana offers the correct method to unlock and utilize the power of a specific Mantra.  Birth time is useful but not necessary.

▸ 4.  Kundalini Sadhana 1- Sadhana to prepare the body and mind for further Kundalini development.

▸ 4.  Kundalini Jagarana Sadhana 2- Sadhana to develop and awaken Kundalini Shakti. 

▸ 4.  Kundalini Utthana Sadhana 3- Sadhana to explore Kundalini Shakti. 

Upasana and Various Consultations

▸    General Consultation on life, love, and destiny.  

¥ 10 000 per 1 hour session. Online or at the Gunasamya Centre.

▸    Vedic Counselling

¥ 12 500 per 1 hour session, sold 4 at a time. Online or at the Gunasamya Center,

▸    Mantra Upadesam- Elucidation of personal mantra. Please contact us for details.

▸    Yajna or Puja Consultation and arrangement- After consultation we hire professional Purohits to perform the necessary oblations in India. This you can attended in person, or it can be done over distance. Consultation price is fixed, but specific Yajnas require different conditions, materials, number of recitations, and different number of Pandits. Best to inquire regarding any questions you may have. Please contact us for details.

▸    3. Mathematical study of creation, entropy, and harmonisation- As it relates to the development of the Self. 4 classes ¥ 40000.

▸    3. Forth Way methods for self remembering. 

4 classes ¥ 40000.


▸    4. Yantrayoga- The yantras used at Shesha Vedic Science are given based on specific obstacles, health problems, or for the purpose of developing latent abilities and clearing the way to self actualisation.

▸    4. Homatherapy- Learn how to practice haven at home.

▸    4. Japayoga Kalpa- Correct and systematic execution of the essential forms of japayoga. 

▸    4. Rudraksha Rahasya- Ancient procedures for accessing the powers of Rudaksha.

▸    4. Navagrahamantra Kalpa- Correct mantrik system to augment or appease celestial influences. 

▸    4. Karma Yoga- We are always looking for dedicated people that would like to alleviate obstucted Karmas through volunteer work, and we also accept donations.        

▸    4. Yagyopathy- A systematic overview of the science of Yajna.